Program 演目紹介

五月九月 Gungwachi Kungwachi
5월 9월

日時 Date and Time 場所 Place
12/6 (tue) at 20:00
12/7 (wed) at 16:00
12/9 (fri) at 20:00
12/10 (sat) at 13:00  at 16:00
12/11 (sun) at 13:00  at 16:00
テンブスホール Tenbusu Naha 那霸市文化TENBUSU館 나하시분카텐부스관


It was September in the Kingdom of Ryukyu and the people of Shuri Castle were busy preparing for a party to welcome envoys of the Chinese emperor. Then news arrived that officials from Satsuma, who weren't expected until May next year, were also heading their way. As it turns out, due to the similar-sounding pronunciation of the two months of May ("Gungwachi") and September ("Kungwachi") a misunderstanding has arisen and now both parties are set to arrive at the same time. As both sets of guests are very important, the castle has decided to secretly hold two parties at the same time and has set up two separate stages. How will these nail-biting events proceed? Enjoy the most-feted of the Ryukyu performing arts with a slapstick twist.


무대는 류큐 왕국시대의 9월의 슈리성. 중국 황제의 사신인 책봉사를 환대하는 연회 준비중에 이듬해 5월에 오기로 한 사쓰마 관리들도 무슨 이유에서인지 슈리성으로 오고 있다는 통보가 전달됩니다. 발음이 비슷한 5월(군과치)와 9월(쿤과치)를 잘못 듣고 연회를 이중 예약한 것이 발각되어 큰 소동으로!
최고의 류큐예능을 우당탕 코미디와 함께 즐겨주시기 바랍니다.

脚本・演出/富田 めぐみ Writer and Director: Megumi Tomita
劇本、導演/富田 MEGUMI
각본・연출/도미타 메구미