Program 演目紹介

ボトルメール Message in a bottle

日時 Date and Time 場所 Place
11/29 (tue) at 20:00
11/30 (wed) at 16:00
12/2 (fri) at 20:00
12/3 (sat) at 13:00  at 16:00
12/4 (sun) at 13:00  at 16:00
テンブスホール Tenbusu Naha 那霸市文化TENBUSU館 나하시분카텐부스관


In a small, ancient kingdom named Ryukyu, people used to gaze out at the vast ocean and wonder excitedly about the country across the ocean: what was it like and how did the people there live? One day, they wrote a letter to the people across the ocean, whom they had never seen before, and sent it across the sea in a bottle. From that letter, which has traveled across the water and through time, what kind of music will be heard? What kind of world will unfold? Why not travel back in time with us to Ryukyu, the kingdom of singing and dancing, and find out? (Rated “four stars” at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and “five stars” at the “Off” festival of the Festival d'Avignon)

琉球的人們寄了一封隨海漂流的瓶中信給大海另一頭未曾謀面的人。越過大海、穿越時空,漂流到現代的瓶中信會奏出什麼樣的音樂呢? 信中呈現的又是什麼樣的世界呢?

류큐 사람들은 바다 저편의 일면식도 없는 누군가에게 쓴 편지를 바다에 흘려보내보았습니다. 바다를 넘어 시간을 넘어 현대로 흘러내려온 편지에서는 어떤 음악이 들려올까요? 어떤 세계가 보일까요?
노래와 춤의 류큐왕국 시간여행으로 떠나보지 않으시겠습니까?
(에딘버러 연극제 프린지 별 4개, 아비뇽 연극제 별5개 평가 작품)

脚本・演出/富田 めぐみ Writer and Director: Megumi Tomita
劇本、導演/富田 MEGUMI
각본・연출/도미타 메구미