About “Magnet Contents” マグネットコンテンツとは

Ship of the Ryukyu マグネットコンテンツ 舞台公演とは Ship of the Ryukyu: “Magnet Contents”About stage performances Ship of the Ryukyu: “Magnet Contents”什麼是舞台公演 Ship of the Ryukyu 마그넷 콘텐츠 무대공연이란

「琉球が誇る芸能文化を船に乗せ、世界中に奔らせよう」という願いを込めた「Ship of the Ryukyu」に今年は5つの作品が選ばれました。沖縄の芸能文化を活かしながら、芸術性とエンターテインメント性を持ち、磁力のように観る人を魅了する作品、それがマグネットコンテンツです。

As hinted by the name, “Ship of the Ryukyu” is a project whereby a metaphorical ship loaded with treasures sampled from Okinawa’s proud performing arts culture makes its way around the world. This year, five works have been selected for the project. Featuring magnetic content, each of the five pieces will irresistibly attract audiences with their entertaining and artistic interpretations of Okinawan performing arts.

「Ship of the Ryukyu」抱著「將琉球傲人的藝能文化裝船,並開往世界各地」的心願,今年甄選了5個作品。這些運用沖繩的藝能文化,兼具藝術性與娛樂性,有如磁力般令人著迷的作品,就是MAGNET CONTENTS。

'류큐가 자랑하는 예능문화를 배에 태워 전세계로 달리자'라는 염원을 담은
'Ship of the Ryukyu'에 올해는 5개 작품이 선정되었습니다. 오키나와의 예능문화를 활용하면서 예술성과 엔터테인먼트성도 갖으며 자석처럼 사람들을 끌어당기는 작품, 이것이 마그넷 콘텐츠입니다.